Character Printing Series
Empower PCB Competitiveness
  • Proton series

    Creative Inline Stream Technology

  • Inkjet Printer
  • Proton series

    Creative Inline Stream Technology

    Grayscale printing to achieve perfect simultaneous output of small characters and white blocks 

    Capacity: 5000 panels/day

    Real-time communication with customer MES system, realizing variable traceability code printing on demand

    Inline Stream Technology, stable quality, continuous production

    Model Proton-10000
    Productivity 5000 panels/day (Based on 29*25inch image area)
    Maximum print area 29*28 inch(730*720mm)
    Minimum print area 12*11 inch(305*280mm)
    Substrate thickness 0.5-8mm
    Printing Accuracy ±1.4mil (±35um)
    Minimum line 2.6mil (65um)
    Minimum height 20mil(0.5mm)
    Resolution 1200*1200dpi or above
    Maximum nozzles 25600(24*1280)
    Registration 4 targets and auto-scaling
    Print mode A-A/A-B
    Print heads Ink dot size:50-70um
    Volume Small ink drop: 7pl
    Medium ink drop: 14pl
    Big ink drop: 21pl
    Software RIP software, TGZ/ODB++ format input
    Machine size 7000*2500*2200mm(L*W*H)
    Machine weight 6000Kg


    new product
    Empower PCB Competitiveness
    Focus on digital inkjet equipment manufacturing in the field of precision manufacturing
    PCB Injket Printing
    Redefining the PCB digital printing process
    Product Rocommended

    Quanta series

    High-precision Printing of Characters

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