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  • Glory2504

    Large Format Single-pass Corrugated Digital Press

    Industrial large-format design with the maximum print width of 2,160mm 

    Higher productivity with the speed up to 17,773m²/hr 

    End-to-end workflow integration of board printing, slotting and stacking

    Dimensions(L*W*H) Glory2504:8.1*6.4*2.6m
    Glory2504 + Dryer + Varnish:12.1*6.4*2.6m
    Glory2504 + Dryer + Varnish + Slotter:13.9*6.4*2.6m
    Glory2504 + Dryer + Varnish + Slotter + Handle-Hole Die-Cutting Unit: 14.3*6.4*2.6m
    Board Size Maximum:2000 x 2500 mm (Feeding Direction x Print Width)
    Minimum:400 x 600 mm (Feeding Direction x Print Width)
    Slotter Min. Slot Spacing:230*90*230*90 mm
    Max. Slot Depth:420 mm
    Printing modes
    Resolution 600*600 600*450 600*400 600*300
    Linear Speed 100m/min 133m/min 150m/min 180m/min
    Type Wide range of corrugated boards (kraft liner, white-top liner etc .)
    Max. Media Width 2500 mm
    Thickness 1-15mm
    Handling Leading-edge feeder, media positioning, vacuum suction, conveyor belt; all designed for smooth movement and high-quality printing
    Technology Single-pass, Inkjet
    Printhead Industrial inkjet print heads with piezo technology
    Printhead Quantity Max. 20 pcs per color, Max. Printing Width 2160mm
    Ink Type Aqueous Ink
    Ink Colour CMYK
    Software 3rd party RIP Software
    Input Format PDF、EPS、TIFF、JPEG、AI etc.
    Other Features Automatic warp detection and warning system
    Automatic ink consumption calculating function
    Remote monitor system for instant on-line error detection and resolution
    Production management system available
    Operating environment Temperature:20°-30°C
    Humidity:40~80% RH (non-condensing)
    Power supply AC380V 3P+PE 50/60Hz
    Air supply 0.6~0.84 MPa
    Total Power Glory2504:75 Kw|In Actual Production (Reference Only):24 Kw
    Varnish:118 Kw ((Dryer 90 Kw)|In Actual Production (Reference Only):18 Kw (Dryer Excluded)
    Dryer:110 Kw ((Dryer 90 Kw)|In Actual Production (Reference Only):14 Kw (Dryer Excluded)
    Slotter:77 Kw|In Actual Production (Reference Only):60 Kw
    Handle-Hole Die-Cutting Unit:15 Kw|In Actual Production (Reference Only):14 Kw
    Weight Glory2504:15.2T
    Handle-Hole Die-Cutting Unit:3T
    Rail System (max.):1.8T
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    Single-pass Corrugated Digital Inkjet Press


    Large Format Single-pass Corrugated Digital Press

    HighJet2500D with inline solution

    Redefine the medium-speed scanning in digital packaging 


    Digital Corrugated Board Printer

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