Scanning Digital Printing Series
Empower Packaging Competitiveness
  • HighJet2500UV

    New UV solutions, new packaging options

  • Single Pass Printer
  • Scanning Digital Printer
  • HighJet2500UV

    High Speed UV Digital Corrugated Printer

    UV new solution brings diverse choices to customers

    A wider variety of substrates application in addition to corrugated boards

    CMYK+W solution ensures higher color performance on brown kraft

    Model HighJet2500UV
    Print head Kyocera head
    Ink UV Ink
    Drying LED lamp curing
    Ink Supply Automatic
    Print head Features Standard:double-row 4 colors (CMYK) 8 printheads, ma*imum 10 printheads (CMYK+W),Printing width 224mm
    Capacity Pass 400*1200DPI 600*1200DPI
    Draft 2pass 298㎡/hr 189㎡/hr
    Production 3pass 208㎡/hr 115㎡/hr
    4pass 152㎡/hr 93㎡/hr
    Quality 6pass 107㎡/hr 57㎡/hr
    Media Max. Width:2500mm
    Max. Length (Automatic):2500mm
    Max.Length (Manual):4000mm
    Software interface Control software:HightJet2500BUV print control
    RIP Software:The third third-party software
    Input format PDF, JPEG, TIFF, etc
    Site requirement 6910(W)*8730(L)*2500(H)
    Power 3Phase/380V, 90A, 50HZ, Total Power 45KW
    Air Supply Pressure: ≥ 6Kg/cm² ; Speed ≥ 34 liters/min
    Environment Relative humidity: 40% - 60%; Temperature: 15℃-28℃
    Measurement 4910(W) * 5730(L)* 1845(H)(Take feeding direction as length)
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    Scanning Digital Printer
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    High-Speed Scanning Digital Inkjet Press

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