CNTOP screen digital integrated printing solution
Empowering garment competitiveness
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    Screen+Digital integrated printer

    Traditional printing+ CMYK digital printing, fusion of screen & digital

    Production efficiency up to 450 pcs/h

    Printing resolution reaches 600 * 1200 DPI and above

    Bright and multiple colour with minimum screens and processes

    Mature ink solution matches with a wide range of sizes and fabrics



    Automatic digital integrated printer

    Integration of automatic oval+CMYK digital printing

    ● Pioneer in digital + oval printing mode, productivity up to 450 pcs/h

    ● Data-variable greyscale printing, resolution up to 600 * 1200 DPI and above

    ● Digital inkjet printing, creates simple printing process with no colour separation

    ● Bright and multiple colour with minimum screens, creates excellent colour fastness

    ● Specific digital ink, match with a wide range of sizes and fabrics

    ● Industry leading printing software and ink path control system make it a flowing printing solution

    ● Optional equipped with Digi-Screen and Robot Arm, realizing intelligent operation scenarios

    ● CNTOP self- developed Oval and Digital unit, full integration provides ultra-smooth user experience

    ● Over 10 years of rich experience in applying high-speed industrial-grade printhead, tens of thousands of practical printhead application cases to share with customers

    ● Service outlets cover the whole world, perfect pre-sale proofing and after-sale protection services, 24-hour feedback mechanism

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    Empowering garment competitiveness
    Meet the changing needs of every link in the apparel printing value chain
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    Screen+Digital integrated printer


    Screen+Digital integrated printer

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