Dye sublimation printers
Empower textile competitiveness
  • Unicorn 180X

    Productivity fully increased with thin paper printing breakthrough

  • Direct to fabric printer
  • Dye sublimation printer
  • Single pass printer
  • Unicorn 180X

    Dye sublimation printers

    Max. Productivity: 745 ㎡/hr 

    Accommodates a maximum 1.8m printing width

    Print head configuration: 8 / 12 / 16 (full configuration)



    Software Module
    Constant-Temperature Drying
    Paper Flattening
    new product
    The flexible solutions offer higher efficiency to businesses
    Outstanding performance beyond imagination
    Unicorn 180X,Ductivity fully increased with thin paper print
    Phoenix 1824 Outstanding in color competition
    Unicorn 180X,Ductivity fully increased with thin paper print
    Direct to fabric printer
    Product Rocommended

    Unicorn 270X

    Large-Format High-Speed Textile Printing

    Unicorn 320X

    Breaking Through Productivity and Wide-Format Boundaries

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