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Landmark Achievement!


Another national honor for HanGlory Group

To enhance the international influence of Chinese culture, cultivate internationally competitive outward-oriented cultural enterprises, and promote the high-quality development of foreign cultural trade, the list of key enterprises and projects for cultural export in 2023-2024, jointly recognized by the Ministry of Commerce, the Central Propaganda Department, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and the National Radio and Television Administration, has been officially announced, with 367 companies and 115 projects selected. Among them, this year, 20 companies in Shenzhen have been selected as 'Key National Cultural Export Enterprises,' and Shenzhen HanTop Digital Co., Ltd., as a high-tech enterprise in digital equipment manufacturing for 'sailing to the sea,' has also received this honor.

HanTop Digital, under HanGlory Group, is a benchmark UV digital printing enterprise, specializing in high-end manufacturing and applications of UV digital printing. Through industry solutions that connect smart production and market innovation, it accomplishes the practical transformation of industrial UV digital inkjet applications. Collaborating with global partners, it unleashes digital potential, meets contemporary imaginings of beauty, and empowers enterprise digital transformation. Being selected as a 'Key Enterprise for Cultural Export 2023-2024' is undoubtedly a high commendation for HanTop Digital's diligent efforts in the field of digital printing cultural export and a strong affirmation of its unwavering commitment to 'going global' with UV digital intelligence manufacturing.

Riding the tide, a new journey begins. HanTop Digital has consistently pursued the path of 'going global' since its inception, venturing decisively into international markets and reaping fruitful outcomes from overseas development. The various types of digital printing equipment created by HanTop Digital vividly display patterns, texts, and colors, offering a colorful visual feast to global customers. Now, with more breakthroughs in automation technology, UV applications are expanding from the advertising field to subdivisions such as home decoration, building materials, industrial manufacturing, personalized crafts, achieving complete coverage of high-end UV printing applications and solutions. The equipment is being exported to high-end markets worldwide.


'Digitalization is like a giant ship, carrying every individual, family, enterprise, and organization, setting sail, navigating towards the distance. How to use digital technology to improve people's quality of life, contribute to business and social organizations, and create value for customers is our consistent mission. In the future, HanGlory & HanTop will adopt a more ambitious open posture, with a more robust international pace, striving to elevate the global leadership of digital printing technology. Leveraging breakthroughs and mastery in core technologies across dimensions like software, hardware, machinery, ink, and solutions, we aim to provide global customers with superior, more innovative, and culturally appealing products and services rooted in Chinese artistry. We aspire to facilitate more Chinese digital intelligent manufacturing and culture to reach the world stage, shining brightly.'


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