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Digital Development

As our business continues to expand, the application of HanGlory Group's products covers advertising, apparel textiles, ready-made garments, luggage, home decoration, home building materials, handicrafts, art design, plastics, rubber, ceramics, electronics, toys, gifts, footwear, circuit boards, packaging, labels, books and periodicals, and other industries, a product system based on Single Pass printing technology is thus built, so does a unique, dynamic and innovative digital printing industry ecology.

Facing the prehistorical trend of digital printing, HanGlory Group attaches importance to the innovation and application of digital printing technology, speeds up the cultivation of new growth momentum and promotes the sustainable development of digital. At present, HanGlory Group has 7 high-tech enterprises (respectively: Shenzhen HanGlory Digital Printing Group Co., Ltd., Shenzhen HandTop Digital Co., Ltd., Shenzhen CNTOP Digital Equipment Co., Ltd., Shenzhen HOMER Digital Textile Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Hanway Industrial Digital Equipment Co., Ltd., Shenzhen HanSharp Digital Printing Equipment Co., Ltd. and Zhuhai Dongchang Pigment Co., Ltd.), the company and its holding subsidiaries legally hold 162 patents, firmly grasp the core technology of hardware, software, machinery, and ink, etc.

"Everything that can be digitized will eventually be digitized." In the process of digital industrialization and industrial digitization, HanGlory Group always adheres to the path of independent intellectual property rights, actively embraces new models and new formats, and incorporates more industries into the digital printing system, and continuously exports strong power with innovation as the core engine.

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