CNTOP DTG Solution
Empowering garment competitiveness
  • Rival Pro

    Intelligent Direct-To-Garment Solution

  • DTG solution
  • Hybrid printing solution
  • Screen printing solution
  • Rival Pro

    Intelligent Direct-To-Garment Digital Printer A new Garment Customization icon, more flexible and fast-response 

    163 pcs/h on dark fabric, a breaking speed of industrial barrier 

    Dual pallet non-stop production, Press and print in one go! 

    Quick detach design, multi option of pallet 

    Fully-owned R&D and design, easy to upgrade and customize 

    Whole workflow “Zero” pollution plus integrated heat presses 

    Simplfied, intelligent and stable-guaranteed workflow 

    Lower print cost but higher output and small space required



    new product
    Empowering garment competitiveness
    Meet the changing needs of every link in the apparel printing value chain
    Quick response for all products and solutions
    Hybrid printing solution
    Product Rocommended

    Wings Compact

    Direct to garment digital printer

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