CNTOP fully automatic screen printing solution
empowering garment competitiveness
  • T5C

    Fully automatic screen printing solution

  • DTG solution
  • Hybrid printing solution
  • Screen printing solution
  • T5C

    Fully automatic oval printer

    For big garment factories with over 2000 pieces per order

    High efficiency, max.productivity up to 700 pcs/h

    6 - 24 high-precision print heads for exquisite printing      

    Fast pallet loading & unloading, freely switching garment & piece printing

    Pipeline operation mode to match various printing process needs



    Fully Automatic Oval Printer

    Focus on piece screen printing, suitable for large-scale garment factories and processing plants with more than 1,000 pieces in a single order.

    ● High productivity, maximum productivity up to 700 pcs/h

    ● 6 - 24 high precision presses, achieves high garment printing quality

    ● Oval shape takes up less space, open body design, can augment the number of work stations in a customized way

    ● Pallet quick loading design, seamless transition between garment and pieces printing scenes

    ● Consecutive operation mode, matches a variety of garment printing processes (slurry, robber, flocking, hi-density discharge, foaming, pulling, cracking, etc)

    ● Customized solution and professional operation training available

    ● Each model can be upgraded to version Pro for better performance and better user experience

    ● Over 10 years of rich experience in applying high-speed industrial-grade printhead, tens of thousands of practical printhead application cases to share with customers

    ● Service outlets cover the whole world, perfect pre-sale proofing and after-sale protection services, 24-hour feedback mechanism

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    empowering garment competitiveness
    Meet the changing needs of every link in the apparel printing value chain
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    Full format oval printer


    Large-format oval printer

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