UV Hybrid Printer
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  • HTA2500 Robo

    The productivity is up to 312㎡/h; high automation brings faster orders

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  • UV Hybrid Printer
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  • HTA2500 Robo

    UV Hybrid Printer

    Maximum productivity: 312㎡/h

    Maximum resolution: 363X3600dpi

    Print-head: Kyocera

    Confifigurable  ModelHTA2500 Robo
    Max. Print  Width2.5m, support multi-sheet printing
    Max. Media  Thickness50mm (depending on weight)
    Max. Suction20KG/sheet
    Media TypeRigid and flflexible flflat materials
    Loading Method Step Sucker
    Air Supply≥0.5MPa,600L/min
    Machine Size  (L*W*H)4200X3500X1700mm (R is for a single loading & unloading system / a single unloading system)
    Machine Net  Weight1200KG
    Machine Gross  Weight1500KG
    Power Consumption2KW(9A)
    Power Supply220VAC 50HZ 1P/N/PE

    Separate workroom in cleaning and ventilated condition, avoid direct sunlight     Temperature: 18° C -30° C(64°F-86°F)

    Constant Humidity: 30%-70% (non-condensing)


    new product
    HandTop brand-new automatic loading and unloading solutions
    UV printing industry is improved to automatic production from high-efficient production
    HT2500 Robo
    To improve your business value
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