Single-pass series
Empower textile competitiveness
  • Glory1800P

    Waterfall-like paper feeding system to boost productivity

  • Direct to fabric printer
  • Dye sublimation printer
  • Single pass printer
  • Glory1800P

    Single-pass dye-sublimation printer

    Make dye-sublimation printing truly enter the era of Single Pass

    Maximum productivity: 75 m/min

    Printhead: 60 - 120 industrial-grade piezoelectric ceramic printheads



    new product
    Empower textile competitiveness
    Provide professional digital textile printing equipment and solutions
    Full coverage of products for all kinds of applications
    Unicorn 270X ,Large-Format High-Speed Textile Printing
    Unicorn 180X,Ductivity fully increased with thin paper print
    Direct to fabric printer
    Product Rocommended
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