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HanGlory Group--future of industrial digitalization in 2021!

The new year 2021 is just around the corner, while 2020 is destined to be an unusual and unforgettable year.

We have worn masks for the whole year in 2020. Behind every mask, we see persistence, perseverance and responsibility. Every HanGlory Group staff sticks to their positions and rushes to the forefront. Even at the beginning of the pandemic, our colleagues still overcome numerous difficulties and travel overseas to accurately solve customer needs. And we remain 24/7 service during the whole year and after-sales services are never offline. These efforts will definitely pay off, therefore, we are pleased to see that overseas sales of HOMER, a subsidiary of HanGlory Group, have miraculously grown against the trend in 2020.

With customers in mind, the future is in hand.

In this year, HanGlory Group has built a unique, dynamic and innovative digital printing industry ecology, and the construction of the new digital industrial base is in full swing. HanGlory Group's R&D, production and supply chain base began its construction, and the main building of the expanded "Zhuhai Dongchang Ink Base" has perfectly been topped off.

In this year, HanGlory Group's intelligent manufacturing is fully blooming, and the intelligent MES system is fully applied to the model customer factory. Among the Group’s subsidiaries, Hanway Company has achieved more sophisticated applications in the field of corrugated packaging; CNTOP assists Alibaba's new manufacturing with a full set of smart printing equipment; HanGlobal became a hit in the All in Print China 2020 exhibition, many customers purchased its digital inkjet printing system for books and publication on the spot to seize the blue ocean; HandTop creates newly upgraded Single Pass devices to improve the customers’ ROI.

Greatness finds us by obstacles in front of us. We don’t look at hurdles as obstacles blocking our path but opportunities to overcome. 

After the darkness of 2020 comes the dawn of 2021. No one is as capable of gratitude as one who has emerged from the kingdom of the night. We have to start viewing not just the good stuff as the miracle, but also the bad stuff that gets you to the miracle. The whole thing is a gift. And the future of digital printing will surely be bright, hopeful and limitless.

What doesn’t kill us in 2020 will makes us stronger in 2021. HanGlory Group will integrate enterprise smart production with digital manufacturing, drive industrial printing to be more reliable and trustworthy and move forward with every partner to win new opportunities in the future!

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