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Good news! HanGlobal passed the C9 Evaluation!

Recently, China Academy of Printing Technology (CAPT) sampled the digital #inkjet printer #Kirin manufactured by HanGlobal, and Kirin passed the test and was issued C9 Certificate. C9 Printing and Packaging Quality Control and Evaluation (C9 Evaluation) is a quality control and evaluation system applied to the whole printing process and developed by CAPT. It can provide scientific, objective and just third-party evaluations, promoting the development of digital printing technology and bringing high-quality products to customers. HanGlobal is a wholly owned subsidiary of #HanGlory Group, with a focus on leading #digitalprinting solutions for labels and publications printing. With many top talents joining us from the traditional publication industry, HanGlobal has been working to apply the digital inkjet technology to label/publication printing, bringing new opportunities and new growth points for customers in these traditional fields. From efficiency to cost, from quick orders to environment-friendly pursuit, HanGlobal is stepping into the promising future of digital inkjet printing.  #digitalinkjet  #digitalprintingCongratulations!


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