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HanGlobal LabStar330 was awarded G7Colorspace by IDEAlliance

HanGlobal #LabStar330 was awarded #G7Colorspace by #IDEAlliance? Color is the core of printing. Nowadays, faced with the low margins and homogenization of the printing industry, more and more printing companies pay attention to the improvement of the color management methods. The growth of printing industries to be certified is a good way to explore new methods to improve the printing quality. Among various certifications, GARAoL G7 has received great popularity from the printing industries. GRACoL is the committee under IDEAlliance responsible for the technical research on offset printing. G7 is a new method to calibrate, test and control the printing standards. Recently, the industrial digital label press LabStar 330 developed by HanGlobal, the subsidiary of HanGlory Group, was awarded G7 Colorspace by IDEAlliance (International Digital Enterprise Alliance), becoming the first digital inkjet label press to make it in China. Hence, HanGlobal became a digital inkjet press manufacturer with G7 Certificate, which is very rare among the printing industry in China. As a professional certification in printing industry, G7 means to calibrate the printing system with the G7 method. To win G7 Certificate, both the performance of the paper and ink and the whole printing process must meet the requirements of ISO12647-2. G7 Colorspace is the highest level in G7 Certificate, available to the company in the offset printing, digital printing and pre-printing (such as plate making or digital proofing). HanGlobal is a wholly owned subsidiary of HanGlory Group, with a focus on leading digital printing solutions for labels and publications printing. With the self development and research, HanGlobal has owned the core technologies in hardware, software, mechanics, ink, solutions and so on, helping customers in labels and publications to reshape their business values and digitized strategies. Last month, HanGlobal passed the #C9 Evaluation, a quality control and evaluation system applied to the whole printing process and developed by CAPT. Earlier this year, it signed strategic partnership agreement with #CGS ORIS. In the future, HanGlory Group will continue to create more values for our customers.


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