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Who only spending 2 years winning the Taiwan Golden Seal Award

“Hanway Revo2500W with inline solution

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Max productivity: 1400㎡/hr       Max substrate width: 2500mm

Printing+slotting+varnish+drying+stacking Equipped with post-printing devices including slotting, drying or varnishModularized and automatic production with high efficiency and labor saving

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At the end of 2021, with the successful conclusion of the "Oscar" of Taiwan's printing industry - the 15th Taiwan Golden Seal Awards Ceremony. A digitally printed packaging gift box with moonlight and forest as creative elements, " Moonlit Forest Autumn Blossom Gift Box", has become a heart catcher for the majority of judges and audiences, and has been rated as the "Taiwan Golden Seal Award/Packaging Category - Carton Second Prize" . And the one who won this honor by virtue of its strength is one of the representatives of Taiwan's large-scale paper printing and processing factories, "GOOD PACK".


Taiwan Golden Seal Award Packaging Category - Carton Second Prize

Moonlit Forest Autumn Blossom Gift Box Printed with Hanway Industrial HighJet2500B



Group photo of the 15th Taiwan Golden Seal Award

GOOD PACK Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: GOOD PACK) established in 1992 has a 30-year history of paper printing and processing. It is mainly engaged in corrugated boxes, beauty color boxes and packaging cushioning materials. At present, it has three high-speed full-automatics  printing production lines, with a maximum carton output of about 2.5 million per month. It is one of the top five carton three-level factories in Taiwan.


Faced with the uncertain external environment, people have a clearer understanding of "crisis" and "transition". Taking GOOD PACK as an example. It leads the new thinking of the carton packaging industry. At the beginning of the year, it decisively introduced Hanway HighJet2500B corrugated cardboard scanning digital printing press to extract the power of digital transformation of enterprises from the layout of the digital printing field.


The accelerated evolution of the digital age and the renewal of the original printing market structures has made personalized boutique packaging and digital new marketing methods gradually become the competitive advantages of enterprise product differentiation. For GOOD PACK, digital transformation is an inevitable and future trend. "At present, in the ecological environment of Taiwan's carton industry, primary and secondary packaging carton factories occupy more than 50% of the orders in the Taiwan market, and the tertiary factory is in a relationship between suppliers and competitors. Newcomers are also alive, and our company is actively deploying digital printing areas. The block is to get out of the differentiation in the competition and run the 'acceleration' in the new track."


Group photo of the winners of the 15th Taiwan Golden Seal Award From left to right: GOOD PACK Director Liu/Mr.Su/Mr.Su The trophy is a celebration trophy customized by Hanway

Grasp that packaging and printing is developing in the direction of small batch and exquisite customization. GOOD PACK has decisively entered the exquisite packaging track and laid out digital printing. "Digital printing has knocked on the door of the corrugated packaging industry. Personalized, customized and high-quality bulk orders are in short supply. At the same time, the increase in production capacity and the decline in raw material costs will become a giant beast driving the development of packaging digital printing in the future.

With the participation of Hanway, through the continuous promotion of high-quality and digital printing technology, design innovation and execution, GOOD PACK implements "quality, texture and exquisite printing" to the end, and rushes out of the new market between color boxes and cartons. According to statistics, at present, the production of 2500B model is about 8 hours a day, and the daily output is about 1000-2000 pieces. At present, there are more than 10 fixed products in production, and the delivery can be realized within 24 hours as soon as possible.



 Aiming at the long-term pain points of the printing industry, GOOD PACK provides users with customized manuscript design, specially assigned personnel assist in sample trial assembly, and quickly output the printed files through technology. Customize prepress operation realizes one-to-one interaction between brand and consumers and enhances customer stickiness. The introduction of the self-developed ERP system and the electronic, transparent and efficient management of various processes required for operation are building GOOD PACK into a smart carton factory.


From pre press to post press, from production to delivery, from product design to intelligent management, GOOD PACK focusing on "fine printing" always embraces "innovation" and "digitization", which constitutes its distinct competitive advantage with the differentiated service ability precipitated in the development.

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