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DPES Sign Expo China 2024: The Spotlight on Annual UV High-Tech New Products

HT2512UV-GEN6: 4-Row Ricoh Linear Motor Solution

HandTop’s mature 3-row Ricoh linear motor solution now evolves into a new 4-row version. Equipped with the latest GEN6 technology, it achieves faster speeds (over 50% capacity increase), higher precision (5pl droplet size), and exceptional longevity. The GEN6 printhead reaches new heights in quality, capacity, and lifespan.


HT3200UV-GEN6: 4-Row Ricoh Linear Motor for Rigid and Roll-to-Roll Printing

The HT3200UV-GEN6, powered by the 4-row Ricoh linear motor solution, achieves speeds of up to 107 m²/h. It caters to both rigid and roll materials, including advertising fabrics, lightboxes, stretch ceilings, wallpapers, glass, acrylic, wood, tiles, metal, PVC, corrugated boards, and plastics. Flexibility and versatility define this printer.


HT3200UV: Innovative 8-Color Inkjet Printer

The HT3200UV large-format roll-to-roll printer showcases an 8-color configuration. By combining Kyocera’s advanced multi-level inkjet technology with HandTop’s independent printhead control system, it enhances color vibrancy. Even without backlighting, the images remain vivid. The broader color gamut, improved spot color accuracy (15% increase), and optimized low-pass cross-hatch contribute to stable, high-quality printing. It’s a competitive advantage for large indoor and outdoor advertising.


HT5200UV: High-Speed Roll-to-Roll Solution for Superwide Formats

The HT5200UV meets the demands of large and superwide advertising orders. With a 5.2-meter superwide roll-to-roll printing capability, it supports single, double, or triple rolls simultaneously. It also handles sheet printing (up to 30mm thickness). By eliminating the need to split images for printing, it improves efficiency and avoids seam marks. This printer adds significant value to your business.


“We’ve achieved more than double the efficiency compared to our previous two devices combined. In practical applications, this equipment’s stability, color performance, and printing precision meet the needs of over 99% of our clients.”——— Mr. Lai, General Manager of Zhiqiang Advertising, one of the first HT5200UV users. The mature application of industrial-grade Kyocera printheads allows continuous daily printing of 2000 square meters.

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