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HanGlory Group: Leading the Future of Digital Inkjet Technology at Drupa 2024


Experience the innovation firsthand at Drupa 2024 as HanGlory Group unveils its most extensive exhibition to date, covering an impressive 900㎡. Witness the transformative potential of our digital inkjet manufacturing, set to redefine industry standards.

Since our establishment in 2010, we have remained steadfast in our mission to deliver value to our clients and spearhead advancements in the global digital printing sector through cutting-edge equipment and solutions. Our reputation for professionalism, maturity, and international recognition in industrial digital inkjet solutions continues to drive the creation of invaluable printing products and services, bridging the gap between manufacturers, brand owners, and users. We are committed to empowering our clients to enhance their commercial viability, transition to digital industries, and accelerate their business growth.

Today, HanGlory Group's digital inkjet technology and premium equipment applications span across 60+ countries and regions, encompassing Europe, America, and the Asia-Pacific. Our product portfolio caters to diverse industry needs, including UV printing, textile printing, garment printing, corrugated packaging, labels, books, and precision PCBs. With complete independent intellectual property rights in industrial digital printing, we offer end-to-end, high-quality solutions comprising equipment, software, ink, consumables, and comprehensive after-sales support.

As we eagerly anticipate Drupa 2024, we are thrilled to introduce new products, groundbreaking technologies, and enhanced value propositions to the global printing landscape. Join us in shaping the future!

HanGlory Group Highlights: Visit us at booth 8B-B30, where we proudly stand as one of the largest exhibitors in China's core exhibition area, spanning 900㎡. Our theme, "Digital Inkjet: Everywhere, Infinite Possibilities," sets the stage for exploration and innovation.

Sabine Geldermann, Director of Drupa at Messe Düsseldorf, shared during the Drupa 2024 China Promotion Conference that approximately 1,400 exhibitors from 47 countries will convene in Düsseldorf to showcase groundbreaking content shaping the industry's trajectory. She expressed gratitude to Chinese exhibitors for their unwavering support, with 327 exhibitors reserving an exhibition area totaling 24,933 square meters, second only to Germany.!

Hanway: Introducing Revolutionary 1200 DPI High-Precision Single Pass Inkjet Corrugated Cardboard Digital Inkjet Machine.

Hanway, a subsidiary of HanGlory Group, is thrilled to announce the worldwide debut of the groundbreaking Glory160X HD at Drupa 2024. This cutting-edge digital printer represents a significant leap in technology, blending Single Pass core technology with the latest 1200 DPI advancements, encapsulated in our slogan "Vibrant Hues, Triumph of Excellence!"

"Vibrant Hues" signifies the remarkable enhancement in color rendition achieved through our new 1200 DPI digital inkjet technology, especially on coated materials. "Triumph of Excellence" underscores our commitment to helping clients thrive in the competitive market through rapid printing speeds.

By pioneering key technologies for intelligent digital packaging printing, Hanway collaborates with leading corrugated packaging manufacturers globally to redefine industry standards in cartons, color boxes, corrugated cardboard, and exhibition displays. Our goal is to provide sustainable competitive advantages, meeting the diverse needs of our clientele in an ever-evolving market landscape.

HanGlobal: Introducing Cutting-edge Solutions for Book & Label Digital Inkjet Printing

Prepare to witness the unveiling of HanGlobal's latest advancements in digital inkjet printing for books and labels at Drupa 2024. In the realm of book printing, HanGlobal will showcase the Kirin660X, a state-of-the-art 1200 DPI color book digital inkjet production line, offering an end-to-end solution from prepress preparation to post-printing finishing and ink supply. We're not just enhancing color; we're redefining quality standards!

For labels, HanGlobal will introduce an innovative digital inkjet solution that merges proprietary technology “ LabStar 330S Hybrid” with multiple techniques, surpassing traditional production processes and quality benchmarks.

"Our mission is to deliver comprehensive and high-value digital inkjet solutions and full-cycle services for on-demand publishing and premium label printing. By streamlining label combination printing processes, we aim to facilitate seamless industrial transformation and business expansion for delicacy of Labels even with short run jobs.

HandTop: Showcasing Comprehensive Automation, Integration, and Intelligence in High-Speed UV Digital Printing.

At Drupa 2024, HandTop, a subsidiary of HanGlory Group, continues its tradition of presenting cutting-edge automation technology with the introduction of our latest integrated digital platform, the HTA2500ROBO. This platform achieves full automation of UV inkjet processes, seamlessly integrating loading, printing, and unloading stages. With tightly interconnected workflows, efficient collaboration is ensured, paving the way for standardized operations and simplified production processes. By eliminating uncertainties associated with excessive manual intervention, our approach enables lean management practices, significantly enhancing overall production efficiency.

"We firmly believe that equipment digitization is not just a trend but the future. In the UV inkjet industry, manufacturers capable of achieving genuine integration and mature automation applications are rare globally. HandTop, through our mature automation technologies for loading and unloading coupled with integrated linkage solutions, greatly enhances the digital awareness of inkjet equipment and its interfacing modules. With intelligent and integrated digital interfaces, employees can monitor and operate equipment remotely with ease, reducing labor intensity and enhancing operational efficiency."

Stay tuned for more exciting updates! We eagerly anticipate connecting with you at Drupa 2024, booth 8B-B30.

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